I’m Séverine Grosjean, founder of The Nomad Creative Projects.

After some years, juggling between my work as a freelance cultural journalist and my work as press officer at the French Embassy in Guatemala, I decided to embark and write on new strategies, policies and initiatives aimed at making culture and creativity a driving force for sustainable development and urban regeneration through the stimulation of growth and innovation and the promotion of social cohesion, citizen well-being and inter-cultural dialogue.

I graduated in Geography, Masters in political Sciences, Sociology and Communication (Institute of Higher Studies of Latin America, Paris). I made exchanges at the Institute of Iberoamerica (Salamanca, Spain) in Communication and at the University of Lisbon (Portugal) in Communication and Contemporary Artistic Practices.
I volunteered in Iceland, worked as the assistant of Pablo Corral Vega, Ecuadorian photoreporter(National Geographic). I also worked in “Ojos Propios” the Peruvian Association about participatory photography and finally, I was the assistant of the Guatemalan gallerist Victor Martinez (Sol Del Rio) in Guatemala.

I’ve been writing for five years now:
Notes – Writings about culture in European (France, UK) and American magazines (Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico,USA)
Exhibitions- Texts (Manuel Chavajay, Rudy Cotton (Guatemala, 2016), (Luis Fernando Ponce, Museum of Art (El Salvador, 2017), co-curator of the exhibition “The eyes of Peru” in Paris (September 2015-February 2016)



The Nomad Creative Projects is a leading travel resource where destination inspiration is combined with social, economical, political and cultural reporting.
This cultural project will develop cross-cultural links around the world and will showcase projects, meeting and sharing experiences with foreign cultural actors covering creative fields: Art, Design, Film, Literature, Music and Media Arts.
The vision of The Nomad Creative Projects is to promote and offer a platform on which each artists and projects can present itself to all audiences. The Nomad Creative Projects content includes: residence trailer, interviews, debates, round tables…with collaborations with international cultural magazines. The Nomad Creative Projects can organize or co-organize national and international meeting. To stimulate the debate and creat a place for sharing ideas about the motor role of the art in society. We share our knowlegde by helping teams wich organize cultural meeting, seminar or conference,


This initiative want to accelerate, catalyse, connect and communicate civil society initiatives in arts and culture – rethinking and building the world as an open, inclusive and democratic space.
The project started with the will to help the artists and the different cultural projects to promote themselves. The Nomad Creative Projects develops an international resource platform on cultural projects, centres, art projects and teams of artistic & social creativity. The project wants to “build”  a group of united actors around the relationship people, art and society.
Because we believe that artistic freedom is an indicator of a healthy and free society, the platform aims to have an international scope by giving an overview of artists and projects around the globe, with different contents available expressing cultural identity, advancing new ideas, promoting dialogue