Art is everywhere inspiring everyone

Art everywhere inspiring everyone

The  project born in 2017 as a visual arts journey that aims to work with emerging artists and also with those ones already established in the art market. Until today, we have met more than 1000 cultural agents around the world ( artists, art spaces, curators). The project aims to help all those amazing creative people, spaces and projects. It wants to connect and support each of them in their creations. We do believe in the unique set of skills, people and services to promote art and culture.

We emphasize the importance of production, executive management of artistic works and communication of art through works with the public.

The project also comes from an urge to meet and connect new cultures and people, new visions and opinions, new insights and lifestyles, as to have a good overview of the art sector on the international scale.  The Nomad Creative Projects aims  as a channel for the distribution and dissemination of art, collaborating in the expansion of this growing market, sowing cultural, symbolic and artistic information and content.

We  want to work with cities, organizations and companies to develop and promote projects that will transform them into some of the greatest Art Capitals of the planet

We want to see art everywhere inspiring everyone

After a few years of juggling my work as an independent art writer and head of press office at the French Diplomacy, I decided to meet art professionals to think about political and cultural strategies, aimed at art, culture and creativity as an engine for urban development, innovation, social cohesion, citizens well-being and intercultural dialogue.

Graduated in Political Sciences, Sociology and Cultural Communication at the Institut des Hautes Etudes d’Amerique latine (IHEAL) with student exchanges in Spain and Portugal about Contemporary Artistic Pratices.

I was volunteer in different art projects in Iceland, Peru and Ecuador. I was the art assistant at the gallery « Sol Del Rio » in Guatemala, one of the most important art galleries in Central America.

I have been writing for a few years now: Notes – Writings on art magazines in European ( France, UK, Spain and Germany) and Americas (Brazil, Canada, USA).

Exhibitions – Texts (Manuel Chavajay, Rudy Cotton (Guatemala, 2016), (Luis Fernando Ponce, Art Museum (El Salvador, 2017).

Co-curator of the exhibition « Les yeux du Perou » in Paris (September 2015 – February 2016) in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Peru.


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Learn about the artists, and discover, our projects


Stay in touch

Learn about the artists, and discover, our projects

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