A picture is better than a thousand words. This is what the Senegalese artist Alioune Diagne, from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Dakar, has told us, become a key figure in the world of contemporary art.

Alioune’s paintings are calligraphies, arabesques, personal signs with an accumulation of geometric shapes that give birth to concrete characters in order to deliver his own reality of the visible. His gesture is a synthesis of different techniques. Behind a work of great rigor and patience, Alioune Diagne confirms the solidity of the pictorial tradition, its ancient human essence and, therefore, its undeniable supremacy. His work is an eternal declaration of love to the power of expression of the language of painting.

After several colorful exhibitions and his departure for France who adopted him, his style is affirmed within a pictorial movement that he founded, the « Figuro-Abstro » (between the positive and the negative, the shadow and light, proximity and distance, the figurative image and the abstract image). His characters emerge from rigorous compositions punctuated by the use of geometric shapes and a wide range of carefully balanced subtle colors. This young painter expresses what is behind the painting, beyond the facade of the image, he offers to the attentive and curious spectator his own interpretation of the visible and access to the most intimate subject. His paintings convey the values ​​of solidarity and fraternity. Solidary artist, committed, his works convey the values ​​that are dear to him. They pay tribute, among others, to the fight against violence against women and children, as in his series « L’Enfance ». In the latter, he invites everyone to reconnect with the memories and moments of their child, an innocent being. His approach is militant, political and artistic. Alioune Diagne is convinced that art and culture are the driving forces of development, expression, debate and education.

The portraits painted by Alioune Diagne are loaded with symbolic or purely allegorical meanings. In this particular « performance » that is the portrait, the painter proclaims in life as in art. Geometric shapes and signs are arranged to feed curiosity in the discovery of the world. From a geometric abstract art, from a laboratory art, he moves to an art open to life with a figuration with simplified forms. Alioune is inspired by scenes from everyday life and the city. In his works he expresses his youthful spirit through the vivacity of colors and the rhythm of his compositions. His immense paintings are composed of thousands of objects that can be distinguished only by approaching. Colors are also essential to his life. Therefore, he always looks for the « tone » best expressing his message. . He works to perfect his creations, and remakes a thousand times his drawings to find the most beautiful. His inspiration and imagination give him the first touches of color and lead him on the path of his creations. It is necessary to decline with all the colors, to mix them to represent its nuances. It is diversity that makes beauty.

An African proverb states that « Culture is the very possibility of creating, renewing and sharing values, the breath that enhances the vitality of humanity.  »