The images of the Italian photographer Allegra Martin are ambiguous and suspended in the time. They do not reproduce the reality, but mystify it, modify it, offering a partial or selective version which however contains much more than what is visible. A photograph is a reservoir of possibilities, a projection space. Every photo is a mystery.
For Allegra Martin, photography is a way of retracing something in the world around us that has a correspondence in us.
The serie Lido evokes an intimate space and a suspended time, the present, which evokes the temptation to identify with one another, to rediscover what has been lost and what has not been. Taking place on the border between private and public, between the street and the courtyard, Allegra draws attention to a particular place, with an elusive identity. It was born as a vacation spot, but in recent decades, many immigrants settled there, resulting in a lively intercultural mix. People are the landscape, they are part of it, as much as buildings, things. The image is the experience of the encounter, it is a great reservoir of possibilities. It’s a kind of diary. Allegra’s portraits represent strangers with the idea of ​​catching them « in a pure state » while living their lives.
Allegra Martine takes photographs with disposable devices. Always having in her pocket films, she pronounced according to the meetings. She establishes an incongruous communication with the person photographed. Her visual research is more complex. Turning to photography spontaneously, Allegra finds her « freedom » within defined limits. It means choosing a path, a method to be able to transgress it. Allegra Martin is a photographer working on a territory free from the concept of representation of reality. Over time, she has developed her own expressive world, crossing places and environments without following precise trajectories, without defining projects. All her work is configured as a process of elaboration of reality, through the experience of the gaze. The landscape is an immense reservoir of traces, symbols, simulacra. She is not interested in a formal definition of things or in revealing their identity. She wants to deconstruct the elements coinciding with her perception.
Friedrich Nietzsche said « One must know how to lose oneself for a time if one wants to learn something from beings that we are not ourselves  »
Severine Grosjean