Young painter, Alzebeta Josefy creates organic and cellular forms inspired by the human organism. Her work is characterized by a search for the form in the painting process. Through her monochromatic paintings, she goes in search of the interior of these layers. She creates an illusion of blur by washing applied paint.

The blur characterizes life much more than the net. She fixes reality as a still life. The most recent paintings explore the sensation of perceiving the body from the inside as her last work « Resonance ». She paints silhouettes that blend with the background. Alzebeta expresses tenderness and softness between grace and lightness. She sweeps with a soft brush to remove all the visible marks that the brush could leave joining the tones in a well melted whole. This representation of the body offers the view a multitude of details and allows to see the invisible. Blue, gray or pink, in many works, only one color dominates the canvas. Each color has the power to affect feelings and perceptions.

She softens the contours of the shapes to allow a gradual transition from one tone to another. In « Honey Gathers » where she deals with the impressive internal organization of the hive while weave links with society or « Carbon cycle », the diffuse effect gives a romantic effect. She expresses an interiority that allows you to approach reality.

She focuses on the formal experiments inherent in the themes of nature and the body. She  builds a line that separates different realities, different levels of consciousness. In her painting, she expresses landscapes with different degrees of sensitivity. By using light, shadow and volume, the result is an image that significantly encompasses all these phases.

This collection of bodies and animals accumulate and create a mortal and, sometimes, morbid thing. The painting experiences and « electrifies » resonating in each one of the spectators placed in front of this recognizable but unknown world

Severine Grosjean