Between street art and Sao Paulo, it’s a love story. Street art is today one of the most accessible and popular means of expression in Brazil. The artists leave their imprints in this megalopolis concreted as Apolo Torres.

Apolo Torres’ fascination with art begins at the age of first colored pencil shots. Apolo likes to take his time, which is why he does not paint in illegality but in agreement with the place and its inhabitants. After a while to find his style and to make him ripen, Apolo finds his style. He draws a sense of life with a touch of poetry. His realistic and traditional works embody the messages of everyday life, particular moments in the life of every individual. Apolo’s style is personal. These illustrations intertwine objects and humans, sometimes immersed or emerge in the water as a reflection of the climatic consequences lived in the city during heavy rains as in « Passage » or « Vibration ». On the walls or on the canvases, the techniques used transport the public from the art gallery or the street passer-by into a world: inside and out. The wall and canvas feed each other. Apolo experimented with the language of the body and the colors.

Apolo’s paintings provoke a constricting contrast becoming sociocultural references like his paintings where the spoon is the central element in « Adrift » or « Bushwick ». Characters walking in the street hold in their hand a spoon instead of a telephone. It is like a mirror of what one wants to project but which isolates us from our close environment. Cyclist in his lost hours, the theme of mobility is recurring. Car accidents, cyclists, buses are the agents of the matter. Apolo Torres questions the design of the city and the art of living the city.

Sometimes associated with political campaigns such as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in Italy, this young artist dialogues with the inhabitants. This is the case in his work entitled « Cotidiano Sufocante « . The faces of battered women mix with everyday objects like a cup of coffee. For one of them, this object represents life or death according to whether her husband was satisfied.  Strret art is an electroshock that awakens our intimate space.

In his new work on canvas, Apolo Torres deepens his pictorial research and the question of light and shadows. From September 21 to October 15, a dozen works will be exhibited at West Annapolis ArtWorks. Introspection will be the keyword. Through the light and the shadows, common objects will be observed, analyzed and apprehended that will make aware of its various representations. The viewer will be called to look at the interior of « oneself » carried by personal sensations.

Séverine Grosjean