Young Romanian artist, Cristian Bara expresses himself through a pictorial research that offers a particular vision of everyday life, describing it with a harshness. In his early paintings, he was ruthlessly exploring often-peripheral urban sections with a style inspired by street-art. He reproduced this heavy atmosphere with acidic and sometimes violent colors.
Today, his process is part of a tradition resulting from his contact with Asian philosophy. This narrative tension remains present and sometimes disturbs the viewer. On canvas of different sizes, volcanoes or flowers are painted echoing the oriental wisdom. Besides the spiritual, this curiosity touches all areas of our existence.
Chinese thought differs from Western philosophy in its flexibility. The « path » is vague, vague. The relationship with the world is expressed in terms of seasons putting in value two modalities, those of « modification » and « continuation ». The style of Cristian is constituted by gay paintings, children, flowers. He keeps the tradition of a pretty childish art and figurative wrap, which plays on the effects of lines, shapes, colors. The paintings are complementary to each other, they contain a latent mode, the growth already involved in the decline. That is the fluidity of life. Echo of naive art, Cristian’s paintings are an explosion of life, colors and imagination. This ingenious recreation of the surprisingly original real often, by its decorative or stylistic finds and its daring manipulations of the visibl are looked more with the eyes of the soul than with those of logic. Naïve art is an intimate, candid and good-natured way, an ingenuous but inventive way of thinking about things without cerebral complications. An approach that he defines with charmed, amused, interrogative, worried, curious humour. In front of this art so often disarming of bonhomie, candor of soul, ingenuous or ingenious simplicity, humor or touching sentimentality, one is above all astonished. It is thus the reign of pure spontaneity, with the limited technical means of age and of inextience.
Outside the rules and time most often, his paintings are poetry-emotion, dream-image, landscape-evocation, object-appearance, memory event or game-feeling. follow his own singularity.
Beautiful curiosity indeed revealed by the concept of this young artist who makes us wonder about what are for us today the expressions of a popular art thanks to its « meetings » singularize to borrow neither common ways nor visual codes dominant. This set certainly requires the visitor to discover his own trails, establish his personal connections.