Take a walk through the city and open your eyes, because maybe you will discover one of the mural paintings of the young Argentine urban artist Elian Chali.

Traveling around the world, he leaves the mark of his multicolored geometric figures on the walls. Sometimes he paints large areas of color as if to awaken every inhabitant of the city. For Elian Chali, each project is intriguing because the defects of the wall disappear with a simple gesture to reveal the architecture of the buildings. As an offering to the public space, Elian dialogues with each new area that appropriates and celebrates diversity. He is a militant artist of urban art. Through his compositions with colors and shapes, the city becomes the stage for a contemporary show. Elian merges the public space with the democratic modus operandi of an international artistic revolution.

Elian Chali’s murals are a visual break in this world overloaded with information. To understand each work done by this young artist, one must immerse in the particular relationship that space and time build in each place. Elian Chali makes up every space of his art to resent and rethink the city. Each color and each shape has a deliberate intention. He breaks the « sadness » of the city by its explosion of colors.

France, Ukraine, the United States or Belgium are the new urban theaters where Elian aspires to redefine Being together. The artist calls the emotion of the flâneur and launches a new challenge: to imagine another city. The urban landscape lives a new life with new codes whose observer must redefine the meaning caused by this aesthetic rupture.