Emir Sehanovic alias Esh modifies faces and objects by giving them a new meaning

Using ancient photographs that attract him, he manipulates them in an almost classical form of collage and assemblage. Driven by a constant interest around illusion and belief, his pieces are so many visual pitfalls whose secrets are revealed only after patient observation.

Photography is subject to a new interpretation. Between the method and the choice of photos, Emir Sehanovic practices a double heritage. History and culture. Faces seem to implode. Their identities blend and the portraits become haunting. Emir Sehanovic destroys the facade of the human face, and wants to take us far behind, on the other side of the eyes. A contact with the soul? Art is beyond.

His work leads to the frontiers of art brut. With an alternative interpretation, rich, complex and diverse, Emir is part of this artistic scene from the Balkans that explores archaic and popular languages. It seems to revisit a traditional art in Bosnia, Molybdomancie.

l invents unleashed singular worlds that ignite our relationship with the world. Burned images are the metaphor for our excessive feelings and intimate experiences.

He is master of his art and forms that come alive and connect organically. With a liberated look, we are astonished appearances revealed in their mythical and magical dimension. The faces are tortured like a sedimentation of the pain which plunges us into a world destructuring our logic.

Turning his back on the overly artificial and intellectualized performances of a certain contemporary art, he returns to more authentic forms of expression, open to the inner life.

It puts into action the existential need to think the world by poeticizing it, to make resonate a language that would no longer reason.

Emir Sehanoc develops his own style with a particular aesthetic like these latest works mixing sculptures and installations. Emir Sehanovic is in perpetual motion between the mediums between his projects and his occasional collaborations with avant-garde musicians on the visual articulations of their sound explorations.

In 2018, he was present at the Young Creation at the Beaux-Arts event in Paris with the installation where he tied a thick cushion to imprison the material.