Sarah Sky is French but currently lives in Guatemala, where she began her work as
a visual artist. Her art is a mix of techniques including acrylic, pastel, charcoal and
collage. Sarah is not only dedicated to painting, but also to drawing. Her great
inspiration is the American artist Andy Warhol, whose works are characterized by a
carefree and free subject.
For Sarah Sky, what she produces in art serves as a matter of identity, a
representation of her personality, of her individuality. Although there is a clear
intention to make the public aware of her artistic production, she considers that
self-satisfaction is enough to justify her work.

The colors are a striking feature of the artist’s work. They convey a sense of
movement: the light effects transport heat and energy to the viewer, in contrast to
cooler shades. The binary of tranquility and chaos is a recurring theme, as well as
the sense of freedom and the existence of something enigmatic. The colors present
in her works reveal the set of emotions experienced by the artist during her
production process.

Below you can see the artist’s own statement about her artwork:

“Art for me is not about knowing, it is about doing. As a self-taught artist, I work with
what I have – I solve problems as they arise, each step leads to another. I paint what
I feel, often without knowing exactly what that is. Art is the lens through which I make
sense of the world. Through the act of creation, I find answers to problems that
confounded me; the canvas acts as a mirror to myself. I create because it reminds
me that I am human, I am here, I am alive.

My inspiration comes from everyday life, from things I cross paths with, from
moments and people that have made me feel something. The materials I use also
come from my environment: coffee, leaves, newspaper, paint, pastels, charcoal. I

like to bring the outside world in, to mix the old and turn it into something new. To
destroy and reassemble.

My pieces reflect whatever I feel at the moment – sadness, joy, anticipation. The
binaries of chaos and order. Beyond these passing feelings, I do not seek to convey
any specific message through my art, but rather for the works themselves to act as
symbols of truth and vulnerability.

Art makes me feel alive. I want my art to remind others they are alive, too.”

Spontaneity is a hallmark in Sarah Sky’s artistic work. The expressiveness of her
work, the visible texture, as if it could be touched by the eyes of those who see it,
causes a sensation, an experience, a unique impression. It influences the viewer,
transforming their space, their moment.