Sun Hee Moon, her story carries many cultures: Korean, currently she lives in Italy and she
has spent some years of her life in Brazil. Degree in architecture and urbanism, the artist
also participated in some other courses focusing on techniques and art history, including
specific courses in the history of Brazilian art. The artist began her work with art in 2006, and
amid some breaks, realized how the creative process was important to her.

« I feel like I make art because I have no choice. I mean, if I move away from art, it follows me
… So to find my peace, I have to get involved in this creative production.  »

Her artworks bring inspiration from great masters ranging from the Renaissance to the
abstract contemporary art. We can see in her artwork a mix of inspirations like Caravaggio,
Botticelli, the Impressionists, Pablo Picasso, Manga and Anime, mainly Hayao Miyazaki, the
Brazilians who go from Portinari to Tarsila, the new Italians Cattelan, and the new Koreans
especially the women, like Hyunjung.

Sun Hee Moon works with the techniques oil on canvas, pencils on paper and canvas and
collage. With a spontaneous and figurative work, the artist paints about herself, and says
that the understanding and appreciation of the public is a consequence and a relation
between her, her work and the spectator.

Below you can check a little more about the work of Sun Hee Moon in her statement:

“My art has made a long journey. From 47 years until now it has traveled across three
continents, met many seasons, made two children, got lost and then find itself again. My
works, like my life, reflect a calm and smooth surface, over a tumult of reflections and
torments which hide in the depth.

I am inspired by all the stories told during my childhood. The truth hidden in the words and
faces of eternal characters. Stereotypes amuse me and are inspirational, because instead of
creating order, sorting and cataloging, they confuse us, providing a growing sense of inquiry.
In my paintings I try to convey this sensation, in a gentle way, expressing to the maximum
what I think we really are, through my figurative technique: a little fable, a little manga

because behind all the pictures, as behind people, there is always a story to listen to or to
tell … or both.

The representation of the world through images has always attracted me since I was a child,
in the comic books, in the newspaper, in the classic books of the brothers Grimm. During my
several years of art history and art techniques, my admiration for figurative art grew along
with the curiosity of knowing what the future could hold. Today, urban art, manga and all the
bizarre figurative new generations of children’s stories contributed to my creations.

Besides, I want to draw the world as I see it, free from the classical rigor or the
contemporary, real and imaginary hurry at the same time. My representative technique does
not aspire to hyper-realism. When I am drawing and painting I like to think that I am not
creating a work of art, but telling a story. The people in my paintings are like invented
characters, with a story and a personality. I leave to the observer the reading of these
figures, through the details, hoping that they will always be enough.  »

The artist paints for love, to live, to dream. Even with a life already built, Sun Hee Moon feels
an appeal for art from within. This appeal leads to a need to produce, to communicate,
through everything she knows, expecting people to interact with her art simply and directly.
Art is where Sun Hee Moon meets herself!

Original text and adaptation: Bárbara Gual
Revision: Lívia Fernandes