Argentine artist Gerardo Feldstein creates strange sculptures based on the human figure. At the beginning, painter, his characters only wanted to go beyond the limits of the frame. The profusion of objects, reliefs and characters have been transformed into 3D effects. His absurd sculptures recontextualize the way we think about space and body movement in this space. Some men look suspiciously like Gerardo. They are an extension of itself. Using basic construction materials such as cement and plaster with polyester resins, models anthropomorphized series bodies. These carved figures do not have a defined universe, free to the spectator to invent a story. Your characters tell a humorous story or maybe not! It should not be forgotten that Gerardo Felstein maintains the personal and collective traces of the military dictatorship in Argentina. The desire to let the bodies breathe, to give them the form they want is probably a cry for liberation. There is a dramatization in the characters of Gerardo Feldstein.

Some of his hyperrealist sculptures emit a vulnerability that impresses. The artist seeks to mark the language of the body. He observes, he studies his movements and his expressions. Gerardo exploits existing human universes. This work makes life arise. Emotions and sensations pass through the whole body.


Gerardo Feldstein explores the « Alter » by questioning the alterations of bodies and objects. As an awakening of our senses, these sculptures develop an aesthetic of the sensory. Our vision is put to the test, requesting both our visual concentration and our capacity for inventiveness and imagination. These men talk about the condition of being human in our society. Gerardo « saw » them with everyday objects such as a table or a staircase. Like a transplant, the characters seem to have been thought of as a consequence of the objects. Everything is perfectly integrated plastically in the object as a vital organ. Humanity is fully supported by objects.

Séverine Grosjean