The fascination to depict movement on a flat canvas surface started some years ago when he began to create paintings using films as a conceptual framework. This body of work is a contextual extension of an on-going practice-based research, which was centred primarily on gaining insights in the ‘affects’ of our perceptions as artists and spectators of movement and of the traces of time passing in paintings and works of film by utilising the language of moving image. He is consistently exploring the methods of constructing and fabricating interpretation from a variety of visual narratives through the act of painting.

He progressed himself into historical references taken from films, photographs and paintings that were made at that period. He intends to convey nostalgic interpretations by focusing on the conflict between modernity and tradition from the above mentioned references as elements to impart cultural and historical relevance to now.Symbols, metaphors and allegories lie within the details of every image. These images are perhaps suspicious, mundane or voyeuristic to emphasise uncertainty and vulnerability. For every piece, each has its own individual process of his own experiences, which then become available for the viewers’ subjective interpretations with their own memories and experiences.