Based on their success with their first exhibition, I Do not Belong Here, the three young artists , founders of the Homeless Artists celebrate their common passion for contemporary art, music and fashion. Shanghai Chang, KWN23 and Many Sin are united beyond their friendship, they explore their experiences leading a new generation of contemporary artists in Cambodia. The works of the artists refer to the group’s various approaches to artistic processes, strongly rooted in the experimentalism of contemporary art and in Cambodian tradition. They are a collective of artists and creatives. They understand the power to work together, to experiment, to share ideas, to be inspired. The collectives also offer a sense of support.

The collective exhibitions include Shanghai Chang textiles, KWN23 paintings, and Many Sin steel sculptures and silkscreens. In their latest 180 ° exhibition, the artists present dresses inspired by 17th century European fashion, Sin’s many engravings and sculptures exploring the well-being of humanity and the complex interrelationships between man and his environment. KWN23, a graffiti artist, is inspired by the combination of Sanskrit characters, European graffiti and its enduring appeal for urban decadence, as well as the transient nature of street art. This fugacity is important to the artist and reflects his Buddhist beliefs about the reincarnation and circularity of life.