Irina Dumitraşcu Măgurean is a Romanian photographer whose central theme is light in contemporary times with its many facets. The works themselves differ in technical terms (black and white photography, polaroid), but they also vary in visual perspective and approach with depersonalization, etc.)
For her, photography is a fun whose connection goes back to her youth. Photography holds a full part in everyday life. She works with polaroids, memory tool or proof of absence / presence. It is a medium that allows a lot of flexibility. She interacts with photography with objects and feelings She appropriates photographic techniques to capture tangible images of ephemeral memory. She stores traces and feelings. Her memories tell the daily memory. Irina’s photographs are abstract. By this treatment, she wants to establish a distance. The image raises questions. The subject is no longer recognized.
Each series is a new experimental story expanding the viewer’s gaze. Her intention is to place photography in a new relationship with the public. The different series are like a puzzle like « Humanscape » where everyone tries to reconstruct the intimate body with some lines, left as a clue. Some series are erotic but it reveals the body only by carved frames. The body is like a landscape. Not wishing to give a sexual scope to his photos. This composition makes this « landscape » more profound and continuous. The photographer wants to emphasize the texture and the space occupied. It is best that the viewer plays with his imagination.
Her minimalist work intuitively cuts through reality. Each composition is worked which does not detract from the narration as « Of light » where the light is central. Irina captures the propagation of light and its changes in the interior space. The decor changes. The light reacts and turns into messages. Irina Dumitraşcu Măgurean develops an initiatory journey in fascinating daily situations.