He discovered that his sensibilities were more material-centered than paint-specific. Although his work is mostly sculptural and probably synergetic with its history. His practice is at the confluence of place, memory, image and autobiography. He never saw mountains, the open land, the ocean or the horizon before going to study in the US. Being raised in this completely urban environment, any exposure he had to the natural landscape was through pictures. The imagery in his work emerge primarily from two things- interesting things that he sees in places that I tries to replicate in his studio that eventually becomes something else and the nature of the materials that he uses.

He fnds his materials from all over the place. To make forms he uses a range of things- stainless steel, foam, plastics, piping, cane, wood, clay, paper, fabric, stone etc. Stone, wood and clay intrigue him in particular because they are drawn directly from earth. He collects plant samples, rocks and soil from places. He also collects sunlight at places using photochemical processes and drench paper in rainwater. After returning to his studio, he embed these materials into his  pieces. He is  interested in the stories that these materials which are specific to places tell about the places they come from.