« Every man, every object is alone a price, a study, a property. » (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Joao Loureiro, Brazilian artist, went from painting to conceptual art working on different materials. Envelope, packaging, flags, clothes, … it diverts everyday objects in improbable situations. With a radical gesture, he transforms the object into a work of art. This gives amazing assemblages of objects, heart of our consumer society.

Joao transforms our material experiences and changes our perception to allow ideas, sensations, emotions, multisensory images to unfold and create meaning differently. He dismantles forms in favor of new compositions to reach a deep understanding. This is the case of his work entitled Passagem secreta, The cabinet is not integrated, but installed in the room. We cross the doors. In Blue jeans, a whale-shaped sculpture exposed in full size with Styrofoam and fiberglass, covered with jeans. With fantasy and irony, Joao changes the initial language by creating an ambiguity.

In his work Escala de Cinzas, Joao Loureiro questions what we consume and what we are. This production consists of six shades of gray ice, which served as an artistic intervention in Bariloche, Argentina, due to the economic importance of Brazilian tourism in the region. Ice creams are sold at $ 10. It is at the dividing line between artisanal performance, where expertise is shown, and eat art, where an artistic project is exhibited. He criticizes the consumer society through the invention of a new reality. A total sensory experience blurs the line between design and art, as well as between fashion and art.

Joao Loureiro decided to go further with his new hypnotic work « Recarga ». Far from having an ephemeral contact with art, Joao decided to make the work integral to the viewer. Five people were invited to participate in a hypnosis session that prompted them to respond to a particular piece of sculpture. Each individual was hypnotized before the work and felt chills when he looked at it. The viewer explores art through hypnosis. It is a way of transforming our subjective experiences and pushing the limits of the experience of self-understanding, of nature, of society, of the world, to be « embedded in its own inner universe to make visible this which remained hidden, in and through the work. Our inner world is active and becomes, too, creator!

Just like in his last work « Pepita », a dental work in yellow gold. A tooth is permanently placed in the mouth of Alan Muller, devotee of the parish of Our Lady of Conception, in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. Six carved stone teeth are the traces of this experience whose end will signify the end of the subject and a new page in the history of dentistry throughout the ages. The Brazilian artist proposes a dental autobiography, an art of the story, a dental autobiography.

The work of Joao Loureiro is a mirror of contemporary art because one knows a science well only when one knows the history. ( Auguste Comte)