IP 08 : From the DATA series : 225 x 183 cm : mixed media, canvas : 2016

Many artists today use the raw data produced by our societies while reflecting on how they can be viewed inventive or transformed into works of art.

Czech painter Josef Achrer blurs the line between art and information. He abolishes the myth of the romantic artist while proposing a fundamental artistic act in a critical commentary on the world of information in which we live. He gives back its place to fantasy in a universe of data and more and more abstract concepts.

Belonging to this movement of Data Art, Josef Achrer creates aesthetic and multicolored forms on huge canvases.

NO DATA No. 1:DATA:225x183cm:mixed media, canvas:2017

Fascinated by the maps, he expresses a graphic and geometric world. He approaches spaces with symbolic graphic elements. This reconfiguration of nature by man finds its origin in geometry. He breaks old orders by geometry and imagination. The landscapes painted by Josef Achrer intertwine with computer imagery. He uses a variety of devices creating  the expansion of data and information, so huge that it can even harm our lives and general relationships in society. He works in the service of the future, to encourage the reflection of our contemporaries on the future of humanity in the digital age.

In his « No Data » series, Josef Achrer combines landscapes with zeros. He projects tradition and constant information industry. He proposes a new reading of the world more and more « mathematical » and rationalistic. He makes the mass of absorbed data attractive and understandable. He manages extremely complex graphic pieces. It is inspired by the very down to earth techniques of data visualization, is above all to make visible the invisible.

No information no. 3 : from the DATA series : 225x183cm : acrylic, enamel, canvas : 2018

This abstract universe is based on computer language, an abstraction in itself corresponding to an esoteric vision of the world. The resulting images are unexpected and disorienting. Colors blend, lines and shapes become dreamlike and not completely clear.

Josef Achrer perceives the entire universe as a flood of data. In his work on the RGB (Red Green Blue) system, he creates installations and sculptures of which these three colors have a particular importance. Indeed, they are close to the maxima of response of the three types of cones of the retina of the eye. human. Josef Achrer wants to live experiences on the human vision. Computer screens reconstruct a color by additive synthesis from three primary colors, one red, one green and one blue, forming a mosaic on the screen that is too small to be seen. Simplicity is the main advantage of the system. The primary colors of instrumentation are monochromatic and bright.

RGB3D No. 3 view A from the DATA series / 31 x 145 x 22,5 cm / mixed media, canvas / 2014

Throughout his questioning, Josef Achrer bases his human experiments on systems of computer codings giving life to futuristic landscapes. This new humanity is based on the processing of data and an increasingly tiny point of view within a gigantic system. Each work of Josef Achrer is the result of a new composition of data.

Writing by Séverine Grosjean ( The Nomad Creative Projects), photos courtesy Josef Achrer