Woman of a double Senegalese-French culture, the young artist Keshia Leconte makes us discover her characters are certainly black but with blue eyes. His work is characterized by disproportionate body figures and bright colors. For her, disproportionate body is a body that has lived marked these experiences and whose marks return emotions. These « crazy » characters dazzle by the 1001 colors that envelop them. Painted on large formats, freedom of expression emerges from the characters. In this way, the body has become the place of representation of feelings and feelings. The great particularity here is the treatment accorded to the character, which is exactly similar to that of the landscape and the sky. The body is no longer realistic but remains identifiable. The image of the body is symbolically that of the feeling and the spirit. But just look at the arms, hands and legs of her characters to understand that she has abandoned any question of proportions and anatomical logic.
Keshia Leconte seeks neither likelihood nor beauty. It was not only a matter of expressing a feeling, but of offering the viewer another way of representing reality. Here too, the body is a real object of experimentation and renewal. This colorful and haunted iconography of characters with an enigmatic face. Her work takes an ironic and disillusioned look at a social context. It reveals the singular and complex aesthetic of a work that evades any interpretation. An aesthetic of its own – confusing and of a great diversity, like a secret scenario. The artist combines references to popular imagery, assembling games and image associations where the artist leaves a total freedom of execution and where each sign remains open to interpretation.
While some will note that all her characters are black, there is no claim except that of aesthetics. Because as Keshia Leconte likes to emphasize, her paintings are explosions of colors and to give a look to these heroes it was appropriate to associate them with black bodies. Senegalese energy brings color and originality, especially with the emotions created with their clothes. Her characters, in a trance, with half-closed eyes, jostle the inertia of the expected visual. Chaos wakes up and wakes up. The artistic creation of Keshia Leconte is full of momentum and transgression nourished by a calm but mocking Senegal.