Romania is a country where nobody seems to find a cure to stop this transformation. The works of Liviu Bulea are « portraits with scars » of the soul. His artistic practice focuses on gestures where psychophysiological tensions are linked.
Liviu Bulea is a young Romanian artist and curator. His artistic activity is characterized by personal projects with a local and national impact, indissolubly linked to his personal life and his experiences. His works are experiences of intimacy, pain or sexuality. The artistic practice explores the deepest feelings of each being, from drama to love.
He develops his history from photography to sculpture by reconstructing a coherent whole marked by condemned time. The images of the territories explored throughout his life produce a story talking about the problems of the Romanian society and rather the inner being of the human being.
This is the case in his photographic work addressing the issues of the hospital and the patient’s condition. Liviu Bulea had a health problem and wanted to denounce these almost animal conditions. Liviu Bulea is represented pieces of special elements building a cold atmosphere. The alternation of white and green tones creates a game that everyone tries to gather. These vestiges of a place that seems to return from the ruined past appear a long and sinister nightmare where the walls fall. This hospital seems to come from another era but continues today. Liviu’s work is not nostalgic. They are not romantic and poetic environments but more out of the fantastic world of Tim Burton.
Born in a lost place in Romania where social disasters do not want to leave the population, Liviu explores the recurrent theme of the contemporary ruins of a Soviet industrial era by locking and destroying hopes. For him, it is the dialogue between architecture and the fusion of personal experiences. Wounded by a communist past, Romania is a field where industrial ruins draw an absurd atmosphere. The objects emanating from the buildings are recovered as in his work # 808080 « . The forces of the materials are transferred to create an abstract work. The vibrations are recognized. You can not forget the everyday life of before. This conversion involves a tense assembly experienced the union between different physical and mental structures: time, feelings and place.
The landscapes captured by Liviu reflect the desolation. Buildings breed danger as their work on chemical factories, a health in the process of disappearing. Life is gone. The remaining waste represents an ecological danger for the population. The waste of the ancient Romanian pursue the present and the future of a generation. Liviu’s works are devastating testimonies talking about human and nature. This coexistence disturbs the viewer. This disturbing vision of incredible landscapes captures by its human violence. His sculptures made of cement and traces of green captivating make us think of our own relationship with a process that we have created and that remains, unfortunately, irreversible.
The young artist tries to put in full light places and human conditions consequences of an irreversible but violent progress. His photographs or sculptures highlight the weakness of a world harboring deplorable situations. They are a reflection of life on our civilization.