Mac James was encouraged to arts since he was young, and it was already in his teens that he recognized this and decided to indulge in this field, when he participated in an exhibition and had almost all his works sold, besides receiving an honorable mention.

The theme of environment appears in his first works: Mac uses it not only for its beauty, but also for valuing and being aware of human destruction and its effects. His works presented in the Verdandi project were accompanied by phrases in which, wisely, the artist explains about the subject covered on canvas. Some stories are told in few words, leading us to new readings and interpretations of his art.

Currently, Mac James lives on Kauai Island, Hawaii, place in where he most feels at home, working on his art surrounded by what he portrays: that immense nature. It is interesting how the artist paints creatures so feared as beings so simple. Sharks are recurring figures in his work and carry the fragility that we also find in nature, even with all its magnificence.

Bellow, you can check what the artist declares about his art:

“At well over forty years of creating art, the allegory within my work is marked by time and practice.

The voice inside my head is always awakened, drumming up new ideas to make the next work, guided by the simple mantra of “What to paint today?”

From the beginning, all my work has the common thread of Nature running through it, occasionally accompanied by human involvement good or bad. Growing up in Florida by the sea afforded a strong bond with the respect of life for all creatures, instilled at an early age during the same time the calling as an artist to present Nature in drawings, paintings and sculpture became my destiny. I traveled to Los Angeles after high school and later New York, with studios in both cities for thirty years prior to meeting Kaua’i on a trip in 2003. Seven million year old volcanic mountains loomed around the view of Hanalei Bay carved out at their base by the sea. I had never seen such calm, clear, bright light before, and life up to this point evaporated. I was home.

Returning to Los Angeles, I planned my escape to return and live on Kaua’i. Two months later, and ever since I have been on Kaua’i charged and inspired daily by the Aloha of beauty and peace shared by locals and animals alike. Forever dazzled, I will remain evermore to paint in my surf shack studio built in 1929, fifty-two steps from Anahola Bay.  The works presented here are s selection since then from 2004-18.

Mac James”

Mac James brings a very important discussion in his work. By using art to make an environmental appeal, the artist leads his audience to discuss relevant aspects to encourage them to take care of the planet, raising the duties of the human being towards this immensity in which we live. Uniting art and the environment allows us to raise awareness for environmental activism, to educate and stimulate processes of perception and sensitivity in face of the theme.