Maline Yim expresses herself with various media: sculptures, installations, video. Her work is inhabited by the feeling of a cohabitation between a powerful, attractive nature celebrated by the imagination. There is a joyous balance with the display of plants, grasses or bright trees, reminiscent of the intense greens of the Cambodian landscapes in monsoon weather. The balance, movement and joy of contemplation are emphasized by elaborate compositions.

She translates the memory of a sublimated nature but also the threat of a future disaster or the possibility of survival after a destruction that has taken place. These drawings show a recomposition after or before a tragic event. However, the ecological risks associated with too rapid changes, excessive urbanization and lack of respect for nature, the memory of a past disaster, the preservation of what is threatened or which is difficult to reborn haunt a work resolutely turned towards the celebration of what surrounds us but that we can lose irreparably. She was appalled by the fact that vast areas of forest had disappeared as a result of logging and development projects and that many had lost their ability to provide for their land. In pencil and watercolor on paper, her drawings present an organic and moving world, in the image of nature. The forms are spread on the paper such as blades of grass, tree branches and plants. The parts dialogue with each other, answer each other by full and empty. However, sometimes dull and gray parts sometimes appear, contrasting with the vividness of the colors. Using fantasy to restore fragility, its ambitious and skilful use of materials defies our perception, while an inherent vein of uncertainty and tension challenges our comfort in meticulous drawings on graphite paper with complex clay sculptures.