Maria Lynch is a Brazilian artist who invites the viewer to enter a multicolored imaginary world composed of paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, video and performance.

She puts at the center of her reflection, the mind-body problem that raises the question of the relationship between the human body, the brain in particular and the mind. It has been recognized since the twentieth century as a fundamental question, even as the central issue of the philosophy of the mind. According to Descartes, the union of the soul and the body is a mystery: we can not know it clearly and distinctly, that is, we do not understand it; but we experience it with evidence. Therefore, it is impossible for us to think about the union of body and mind. We can only live it.


Maria’s work is a return to childhood. She deconstructs reality in a playful and poetic way. For almost 15 years, she has painted large paintings with strong and vibrant colors with organic shapes. She gives them life through canvas sculptures as in her spherical work of 2014. Throughout these works, Maria Lynch exploits the sensual and sensory emotions of the viewer. In contact with this strange imagination, everyone remembers a feeling of lightness, far from conventions. Welcome to the country of the wonders of Mary, where the white silhouettes of the women are integrated with strange shapes to the canvas as an erotic dance in their series “Disyunción espacial ” of 2014.


The sweetened toys and stuffed animals accumulate in their facilities as “Ocupaçao Macia” in 2012. Adults or children, all find their place there. Maria Lynch shakes everyday realities where everyone becomes the hero of their own imaginary adventure. The artist invites the public to a philosophical immersion where body and spirit develop in unison. The audience is liberated and embrace with joy the experiences that are offered to them. Everyone finds / discovers his/her true Nature, « man is free only when he takes possession of his power to act, » Spinoza said.

The works of Mary return the almost animal nature to the human being. They are the extension of their essence. Her work is an artistic and philosophical exhibition that encompasses the totality of being and its spirit. She  releases the audience from the servitude in the face of daily rules of good use. She leads it to a certain serenity and joy.

In her latest work, titled « Maquina Devir« , Maria Lynch has built 9 different atmospheres. Each situation seeks to deconstruct models of representation. The disguised actors, the dancers and other stimuli allow the spectator-actor to go through environments such as « Wardrobe », « Myth », « Memory / Desire », awakening a succession of questions and choices. It is scientifically proven that our sensory experiences are caused by stimuli that reach us from the outside world through our sensory organs. It also testifies, on the contrary, that we can move our body to satisfy a need or desire of the spirit. Everyone knows each other intimately, and it is impossible to be confused with their own thoughts and perceptions


The paintings, installations, sculptures, photographs, performances and videos of the young Brazilian artist Maria Lynch establish a connection between body and thought and desire, solitary or collective. By establishing this link between the action and the reflection on the affections allow to bring the paradoxes of the relationship between need and freedom.