Maya Quattropani is a visual artist working with video, audio, analog photography, polaroid and performance installations and adopts a conceptual and somewhat scientific approach. She studies physiological processes and human psychological aspects through careful studies.
In her work on body actions and reactions, Maya analyzes and documents body fluids with photographs. Body fluids, those liquids that move in our body and only excretion makes them visible, have long been recurring patterns in the art. The reactions / actions of the body become the very materials of the work of art. These types of works shock and repel on several levels: moral on the one hand, but also physical. They are often blasphemous, but beyond that, it is difficult not to sketch a physical movement of disgust in front of a work that one knows carried out with the very urine. Maya Quattropani through her artistic experiences opens up the spectrum of artistic practices. Her works are part of several dynamics of the history of art. She defies resistance and makes a precise and thoughtful work that does not lose freshness and immediacy.
The experimental field of this Italian artist travels a new reality almost limitless. In mixed languages, Maya studies with her work Symphony for Typewriter started in 2012, psychic automatism. Produced by anonymous writers, letters, numbers, and other alphanumeric characters are arranged to resemble images. Machines have such a variety, with different stitch sizes, font choices, and so on. The productions produced are emotional, fluid and organic. This work in progress currently includes 10 chapters and more than 200 texts.
Her latest work is characterized by an unprecedented series of analog photographs entirely dedicated to numbers. The starting point is the idea of ​​attributing aesthetic value to the figures that surround our daily lives. . The next task is to trigger new reflections on the subject.