Michaela Pospisilova Kralova is a young Czech artist who chooses to freely mix painting, drawing, printing, graphic design and photography.

She uses photography as a base for illustrations and independent graphic works, incorporating collages. She loves photography because of her ability to clearly present the original purpose and the memory function assigned to her. She also appreciates its openness to other changes and interventions.

In many works like « Re-constructed diary », Michaela Pospíšilová Králová fuses albums and images of her own family. This personal work touches both the time that passes and especially the continuity with the application of their children in the process and final result. This inter-generatio dialogue focuses on identity, motherhood and family. These photographs compile fragments in which colorful geometric figures are integrated covering the face or arms of each person photographed. It is an alternative story, full of poetry. In this fictional project, she makes a curious mix with tradition.

This work not only illustrates kinship, but also the way of thinking about social, cultural and artistic relationships. Family portraits have the intention of staging, implicitly and explicitly, family attitudes towards each one.

Her most recent and obscure work « As if it never existed » puts on the Hodonin concentration camp for Rome, still stigmatizing in today’s society. After the war, the existence of Roma camps was practically forgotten outside the Roma community, except by specialized historians. The whole community of Czech Roma was destroyed and the newcomers from Slovakia and Romania were unaware of this tragedy.

This proposal consists of historical black and white photographs, texts and collages. It exposes the atmosphere in the concentration camp and not as a documentary. The history of the camp is forgotten. She opens a living book. This work of memory invites the visitor to challenge himself to think differently about the history of the country

She brings a multifaceted vision of the Czech Republic. Connect news and history. She characterizes in her work a way to demonstrate the intimate particularities and especially the cultural variety of the Czech Republic.