Cheanick Nov paints on the ground to lose his viewer in the immensity of the landscapes they painted. He abolishes notions of physical, geographical, mental and psychological boundaries. This notion of look, perception, attention is paramount.

Like an alchemist working tirelessly, Nov Cheanick looks for the perfect ingredients to create the mix that will illustrate his thoughts. Materials and thoughts are inseparable in his work. Nov Cheanick presents his works to highlight the power of the material on society. His paintings are such sculptures, and combine different materials: cigarette ash, thick layers of colors, earth, dead leaves, guitar strings. They reveal combinations of complex shapes and patterns that do not seek to seduce but reveal the true character of his work.
He aspires to create without any control, no pressure, to create freely not only spiritually but also in his body and soul. Definitely abstract his work between painting, sculpture and installation offers us the exploration of vibrant surfaces, at the limit of our perceptions, between conscious and unconscious worlds. His work expresses what he feels deep down inside him. He has no intention of seducing or creating beauty. The artist wonders about the influence of society on our lives: work, politics, family, love.