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The Nomad Creative Projects  offers to our artists the opportunity to show who they are, and to the audience the ability to have a closer look at what the art world really looks like. We desire to  partner up with the best brands, public bodies, events team and art spaces  to bring out the power of their art to the wider audience.

We want to expand  art out of traditional spaces developping  emerging art cities around the world.  by educating cities that are about to become major players in the development of some of the greatest creative initiatives of the century. These places are on the heart of a cultural boom where artists, organizations, innovation, businesses and the community merge to grow entire economies and revitalize societies. Art plays a major role in the culture and identity of these culutral and commercial communities.These places have made a name for themselves as centers attracting new artists and doing a great job.

The Nomad Creative Projects aims to be a major player in the inclusion of art and culture as a way to prosper as a global economy.

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