Radu Cioca is a Romanian artist whose art challenges us. The main purpose of his work is to create a state of self-awareness in which the mystification of our reality is unveiled, thus raising questions and revealing relative « truths ». His strategy is to question the reality given through a series of connections.
Radu is interested in the materialization of concepts that are very difficult to express and in the exploration of significant daily details that can change the game. Until now, he has experimented with various approaches, using sculpture, installation, drawing, photography, video, computer animation or digital images. Radu creates stimulating moments that reshape the whole situation with one question: What is Truth? The approximate shapes to illustrate and question the Truth are spectacular and in-depth aesthetic research.
The artist is an attentive observer of human behavior and the current social way of life symbolized by uncertainty. Far from the traditional codes taught at the School of Fine Arts in Romania, Radu takes the time to explore other strong emotions. He challenges materials such as painting and sculpture to give another reality. Radu Cioca’s works examine a stressful, critical and lost contemporary time with a work revealing pejorative images of our society.
The public can only be sensitive by these multiple stories and influences. Radu Cioca is distinguished by his cultural and historical intelligence, engaging the spectator’s responsibility in contact with the work. Radu Cioca designs works that critically inform us of our limitations and possibilities. Radu’s work of a disturbing and threatening nature explores new transgressive perspectives on our society.