With a 17-year career in visual arts Rod Jones an American artist, produces oil paintings.
The artist values the independence of painting without worrying about preconceived
issues, having life as a motivation to produce art.
Rod Jones use of color and shape creates a unique relationship for the elements and the
viewer on canvas. The colors and forms seem to communicate with one another to tell a
story that only they can express. Through color and form the artist establishes
authenticity from the moment his artwork is viewed. Each of Rod Jones's artwork takes
on personality, revealing a little of the artist's thinking. For Rod, art is a form of
emotional communication with his audience. This is how his thought line works:
"Receptive Abstract Patternism", where works are built for the viewer, so they can see,
feel and interpret it, generating an empathy between the artist and the audience.
Check out the artist's speech about his work:
“It’s been a highly personal journey lasting over 17 years to develop my style of painting
that I refer to as Receptive Abstract Patternism. I made the shift from being a full-time
commercial photographer to becoming an artist. Perhaps the first thing any new artist
tries to achieve is a style of their own. Initially my style developed rather quickly. But
then suddenly it became apparent that I wasn’t being as authentic as I had hoped to
become. My goal was to make an artistic statement where each work when viewed had a
common theme, but yet each piece clearly stood on its own. For some, my art can be
unsettling and a bit intense. But that also has become part of its authentic appeal.
For me to be inspired to paint and to find inspiration seemed to evolve with each
painting. One painting lead to another. I often look back more than I look forward. A past
painting can often trigger a future painting. I desperately try to avoid outside influences.
I’m conscious of the fact that I am very much a visual person. And I know looking at the
artwork of others can be an influencing trap that I desperately try to avoid. However, I am
often influenced by colors and often think that the colors I use in my paintings somehow
talk to each other. When I grew up my father owned a paint store and I constantly played
with color chips and color combinations. It somehow must have stuck deeply in my brain.
I choose oil paint as my principal medium. With oil I have tremendous latitude and lots
of time to experiment through the drying process.
For the period of time I’ve been painting, I’ve never felt that I have achieved the end
result. Each work has become a creative adventure. I stick with the fact that no two are
alike, but are held together by a common theme. This gives me a lot of room to express
and explore myself further. I go to sleep at night often thinking, “Where is my abstract art
heading?”  And luckily for me I can see no end and it’s always evolving.”
The artist is stimulated by his intuition, and his artistic identity is nurtured by an
improvised, unpredictable and fluid nature. The complexity of their repetitive forms
create patterns that are not usually represented in a traditional way. Through the
exploration of diverse combinations of colors and shapes, but maintaining a sense of
composition and structure, the artist creates paintings that will never be the same, but that
have a connection with each other.