Her multidisciplinary practice includes painting, photography, digital drawing, sculpture and performance. Her works explore personal expression and memory, as well as the changing physical and psychological landscapes of Cambodia’s urban and rural communities.

Under the Water presents the latest series of digital sketches on photographic works and a new installation of Sao Sreymao. Poetic as well as haunted, Sreymao constructs images of changing and disappearing communities along the Mekong River and its tributaries in the northern part of Cambodia, affected by the degradation of the environment by humans. Environmental and social concerns have been central to Sreymao’s practice. Villages once full of life have become deserts. These changes are reflected in three works by Sreymao entitled « Koh Pdao » (« Livelihood », « Leaving » and « Past and Future »), in which the artist superimposes photographs of the village along the river with sketches to be animated scenes. The contrasting white drawings erase both the photographic images of the present while recalling the past. The images seem to aspire to a continuity of time and life that has been disturbed, while offering an imaginary possibility.

Sreymao’s work in Under the Water is illustrative but elusive. The images only seem to be traces of the artist’s memories or dreams. These remains surface in the sketches while the photographic images of the present below mutate their colors as if they fled in different realms, like candles melting. All that remains is traces of what was there and our reflection in the mirror.

Through her hard work, Sreymao was introduced to the profession of environmental artist at the Angkor Biodiversity Conservation Center in Siem Reap in 2006. Sreymao’s main goal is to connect her works to education. Works of art are very effective, even more so than language in some particular cases.