Teja Miholic is a young Slovenian artist whose relationship between photography and advertising is very close. Perceived images have a great impact on our brain. This influence can be aggressive in the era of social networks. The fact is that we have begun to see the events in our lives as objects that we can present and, therefore, try to aestheticize them to promote them as advertisements.

With the Fuck Local Whores project, she collects ads. Her first step is the non-recognition of the artistic aspect of these banal and simple advertisements, but the structure, the elements and the approaches towards the viewer. « It’s about bright colors, shocking images, capital letters and unfinished phrases. » The aesthetics of spam ads interest you because it focuses primarily on attention.

Her photographic activity is divided into two parts. At the beginning, Teja creates her works by collecting images that intrigue her and the subject she wishes to deepen. Then, look for similar items, enough samples to make a project that deposits in specific places. The idea of ​​a work of art implanted in unexpected places fascinates it.

Today, Teja works on emotionally revealing projects, far from the cold and digital sphere of contemporary art. For her, advertising can, like promotion, affect the development of art. There is a constant demand for technical improvements for the needs of advertising. For her, this advertising art must become a tool for artistic education. « The problem is that it is not usually the artists who decide, but the public relations team, which means that they must be educated in the field of art to make the right decisions about the type of artwork to be used or the type of art. There is a lack of knowledge in the history of art and development, which means that some companies do not give priority to the artistic part of their advertising. « Ironically, the Teja’s project is a » strong political statement that indicates a state of voluntary intellectual inactivity in the current state of events  »

The difficulty perceived by Teja Miholic is the seriousness with which a photograph must be taken, often seen as a simple poster by the general public. Teja Miholic is one of those promising young Slovenian artists who use photography with cynicism. The most carefree game created has socio-psychological aspects. They dare to leave the « imaginable ».