Ticko Liu is a young painter getting inspirations from things that surround him, emotions of everyday life, memories of his past and situations people go through. This explains the strong reflection on social issues in his works. By portraying his life and the present society in the rawest fashion, Ticko hopes to open up audience’s eyes to a brand new dimension. The artist  comprises of painting explorations. He pesents unique works that give people a living feeling. Some of the main characters are blindfolded cartoon characters, such as the Goofy dog, Winnie the Pooh.  Ticko’s paintings hide several layers. In the background of the main color, there is actually a layer of traces of symbols, graffiti and heartbreaking words.

With the use of vibrant colors and cartoon-inspired imagery,Ticko Liu used art as an outlet to express himself and his emotions. He recalls using comics as a means to superimpose himself and to persuade or convince his parents to get certain things in return. He doesn’t paint faces as a respect to his parents. His brother is a main character in his paintings. Ticko has a distinct interest in using his brotherhood as his subjects or protagonists in his works, stemming back to those comics from his childhood. In order to find his own unique style, he returned to his roots. Through the use of interesting, outlandish characters, clean line work and unnatural color schemes and images, he creates works and stories that are not only sophisticated but playful as well. His first goal is just to make somebody smile, or sometimes think (but mostly smile).