Victor Fota is a young artist experimenting through the painting of concepts and phenomena described by scientific methods, associated with a personal introspection. He uses a clean technique that resembles the old Flemish method of rigid forms and successive enamels of painting closely linked to new breakthroughs from the visible to the invisible.
Victor’s paintings have a close relationship with the imaginary and the knowledgeable, sort of like a narrative that reveals how men represent their coexistence with their natural or scientific environment. Victor’s worlds are at the heart of the tension between the visible, the invisible and the invisible, where the imaginary and the fiction are lodged. It is based on scientific knowledge and extrapolates, interprets or fills the voids invisible with a sensitive and freer dimension. We are witnessing a blossoming of thematic comparisons reinforced by a palette of intense colors.
Victor Fora offers a mastery of his technique with meticulousness. He details each pictorial element. Nothing is left out. Many sketches and tries are made beforehand to intercept with as much surrealism as possible its object of study. This kitch atmosphere maintains an ambivalent relationship, between fascination and anxiety. Each human figure is locked in an increasingly powerful techno-scientific image. Victor’s universe can be seen as an apocalypse of destructured bodies, nightmarish allegories or, on the contrary, astonishingly as it describes a world of dreams, a mirror of our fantasies. The paintings rub the cold and soothing sensuality to a fertile and rich monstrosity and blackness.
The paintings of Victor Fota exert an aesthetic attraction enjoining a new dialogue on creativity. He brings art and science closer together. This science-fiction art depicts the thickness of a world with its complex theories of urgency. It combines simple elements, natural, cosmological, scientific or mechanical to produce creative encounters giving rise to sensitive experiences.
Victor’s paintings question the evolution of our society, its utopias or disillusions and constantly question the place of the individual in our mechanized societies. The artist refers us to the questions constantly renewed by the discoveries of science: whereas today man is able to replace organs by machines, to control production lines without human presence, etc., l art acts as a safeguard.
His most recent series has a concept based on the relationship between man and machine, in which the artist explores this relationship with facts and imagination, resulting in a surreal image. It explodes the categories of reality to reveal worlds, civilizations, creatures, different objects. The paintings of Victor Fota illustrate a man living in the obsession of the world to discover.