Painter of everyday life, Singaporean artist Yeo Tze Yang embraces human lives as it is and creates masterpieces which he hopes can speak for themselves.

He is primarily a representational painter, though photography forms a large part of his practice as well, since he uses photography to make his paintings most of the time. With a camera mobile phone he is constantly documenting his everyday life. The young artist who can often be found prowling around neglected nooks and corners of the city with his camera says that finding new aspects of the Singaporean society and watching how all the elements fall into place is what gives him the inspiration to create his artworks. The education in Southeast Asian studies, he believes,  helped him understand the diverse nature of Asian culture and traditions.

His paintings often depict the unnoticed and bypassed places and objects of his immediate surroundings. A self taught painter, his technique is raw and immediate. Avoiding contemporary conceptual approaches to art, he instead reverts to a more direct and emotive artistic direction. He believes in the unity of life and art, and envisions his works to speak for themselves to viewers of any background. The result of such a process is an accumulation of images, thoughts, emotions, stories and memories, that in turn become allegories of the artist’s life.